RDK Childcare – An Interview with Ruth Pimentel, CEO, Kindred Education

16th July 2020

RDK Childcare – An Interview with Ruth Pimentel, CEO, Kindred Education

Whether you attended the webinar already and would like to hear it again or if you missed the webinar and would like to listen in your own time, recording is available here.

Redwoods Dowling Kerr invited Ruth Pimentel, CEO of Kindred Education for a live interview, covering the actions which were taken to protect Kindred Education during the Covid 19 lockdown and also key initiatives currently underway as we exit the crisis and look ahead to the September intake.

Live interview was joined by Jenna Caldwell, Director of Childcare & Education for Redwoods Dowling Kerr who provided an update on the Childcare Market from the broker perspective. Jenna discussed the latest buyer trends, new information required to sell your day nursery and her forecasts for the remainder of 2020.

Key topics covered:

• How Kindred has been impacted by the Covid19 crisis
• What actions are being taken by Kindred to mitigate the situation
• How the early years sector is working together to help each other
• Expectations for the remainder of 2020
• Opportunities which exist in the market
• What advice/hints and tips can be offered to early years owners
• 2020 Childcare Market – Latest buyer trends
• Deal Making Activity – What is happening with pipeline transactions?
• Forecast for 2020 and beyond

Listen to recorded webinar here

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Jenna Caldwell


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